Euphorbia's Story

Euphorbia was found in the Port Everglades Powerplant canal in Fort Lauderdale, FL with severe flipper wounds to the front right flipper. As a mature female, there are also concerns that she may be carrying eggs, which may cause complications during recovery. 

Close up of a loggerhead sea turtle with a flipper wound named Euphorbia.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Age: Adult (~30+ yrs)

Location: Fort Pierce, FL
Concern: Flipper Wounds
Status: Released

Weight: 114.3 kg  251.9 lbs

Tracking Euphorbia

Euphorbia was outfitted with a satellite transmitter prior to release. Follow along with Euphorbia's journey!


2018-Nov-11 Satellite transmitter applied and returned to sea ~1mile offshore of Boca Raton Inlet.
2018-Oct-20 Wounds fully healed. Veterinaran cleared for release. Tags applied to prepare for release.
2018-Sep-25 Range of motion improving, continue physical therapy.
2018-Sep-12 Moved into smaller tank for range of motion physical therapy.
2018-Aug-23 Moved into large tank for increased physical therapy swimming against stronger currents. Hold wound care and laser therapy.
2018-Jul-27 Wounds improving. Strong enough to begin physical therapy. Continue regular wound care and laser therapy.
2018-Jun-29 Radiographs confirm that flipper is healing well. Continue regular wound care and laser therapy. Discontinue anitbiotics.
2018-May-20 Radiographs confimed that eggs are not forming. Continue routine debridement and wound care. Continue laser therapy.
2018-Apr-20 Procedure performed by veterinarian to clean out wounds and suture to cover exposed joint in flipper. Continue gentle cleaning and honey application to wounds. Continue laser therapy.
2018-Apr-17 Third application of medicinal maggots to debride the flipper wounds. 
2018-Apr-09 Begin MLS Laser therapy daily to promote healing.
2018-Apr-06 Second application of medicinal maggots to debride the flipper wounds.
2018-Apr-04 Application of medicial maggots to remove dead tissue from the wounds to promote healing. Dry docked for application.
2018-Apr-03 Rescued from Fort Lauderdale, FL with severe flipper wounds. Veterinarian debrided and sutured wounds. Began supportive care including fluids, vitamins, and antibiotics.