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Sea Turtle Ambulance Coming Soon!

Our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility will soon be rescuing sea turtles in a brand new sea turtle ambulance! Thanks to the Friends of Gumbo Limbo and a generous grant from the Sea Turtle Grants Program, our rehabilitation facility will have a fully outfitted rescue vehicle to transport sick and

Species Highlight: Tarpon

What are those large, silver fish in our Shipwreck aquarium?  As I’m sure our volunteers can attest, we get this question several times a day.  The      answer, of course, is tarpon, Megalops atlanticus.  Interestingly, not only are tarpon the largest fish we have, but they are one of the most

All About Our Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Boca Raton‘s beaches see hundreds of sea turtle nests every summer during sea turtle nesting season (March 1 to October 31).  Each of these nests might have up to a hundred eggs inside.  After they hatch, the hatchlings race to the ocean where they will swim upwards of 20 miles offshore to reach

Homeschool Workshops

Troubled Waters: A Turtle's Tale - Oct. 3 Premiere

A Film by WLRN   Don’t miss the premiere broadcast on WLRN-TV on Thursday, October 3rd at 9:00 PM.  Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is proud to be featured in the new film by WLRN, “Troubled Waters: A Turtle’s Tale”.  Director Rory Fielding visited Gumbo Limbo in early 2018 to learn about the sea

New Documentary Featuring Our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Program

NEW! Homeschool Workshops

Join Gumbo Limbo Educators for super science-based lessons for your homeschool students. Participate in science activities related to the monthly topic, prepared specifically with your student’s age group in mind: 3-5 years (parent stays with child), 6-8 years, and 9-12 years.  Younger/older

Sharing the Beaches with Sea Turtles

Tracking Sea Turtles