Little Wonders and Nature Detectives

Gumbo Limbo's popular Little Wonders (ages 3-4) and Nature Detectives (ages 5-6) programs are now available virtually, with a new topic each month!  The program includes a short nature lesson, a craft lesson, and a story-time video for each age group.  Gumbo Limbo will provide free craft kits, available for reservation and pick-up at Gumbo Limbo, while supplies last!  Please note, you must reserve a kit in advance.  Call Alyssa Saldarriaga at 561-544-8612 to reserve your kit.  Scheduled craft kit pick-up will be Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00-2:00 pm, outside of Gumbo Limbo’s front gate, where you will be met by a staff member.  Kits from previous month’s crafts may still be available, so if you missed a month, just ask!

Please note, craft kits may contain small parts; adult supervision is required.

The Colors of Nature!





Colors are not only beautiful; they are important to wildlife.  Do you know why?  Call 561-544-8612 to reserve your free craft kit.  

Storytime: Bear Sees Colors

Storytime: Flower Talk- How Plants Use Color to Communicate

Craft Demonstration: DIY Rainbow Scope

Exploration Session: Colors in Nature 


Creepy Crawlies!

Join us in October for a virtual nature exploration about Creepy Crawlies!  What will we discover?  Spiders, snakes, bugs?  Find out which creepy critters are not so scary and are even helpful to people!  

Tracking Through Nature - Whose Footprint is that?

Join us virtually as we discover the different tracks that animals leave behind! Follow along with our craft demonstration, story-time read aloud, and exploration to continuing to develop your inner explorer in identifying animal tracks that give us great clues to know what cool creatures we have around!

What’s for Dinner? - Learn about Food Chains

Please note that the craft kits for this theme are sold out.

Rooting for Plants - Why Plants are Important 

 Please note that the craft kits for this theme are sold out.