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paver walkway through lawn

Educate and Preserve

Each year thousands of visitors experience the wonder of Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. In 2012, four new outdoor aquariums (covered by pavilions) were added to the park to provide an up-close view of the marine and coastal ecosystems that grace our coastline.

We filled our tanks with habitats to support a fascinating array of sea creatures and to give you a fun, up-close and personal educational glimpse of their everyday activities. In the process, you, the visitors, told us one more thing was still needed – a walkway to connect the pavilions, preserve the fragile environment around the tanks, and improve your experiences at the Center. Join us in making this walkway a reality.

Memories to last a lifetime

When you purchase one or more pavers, you not only support the important work being done at Gumbo Limbo, you also leave a lasting memory.

Each message is etched into the brick with a special, high-end glass process that should last a lifetime. The patented laser engraving process offers a level of quality and detail not attainable through traditional techniques. It will not fade, chip, oxidize, peel or separate from the brick for the life of the surface of the engraved brick. Buying a paver will ensure your support lasts a lifetime.

Pavers purchased by our guests are ordered quarterly, which allows for cost-effective engraving and installation. Engraved pavers will be installed on a quarterly basis: spring, summer, winter, and fall orders. You will be notified of installation of your brick. Thank you for your patience.

Unique and Personal

Memorializing all of the fun we’ve had over the years at Gumbo Limbo in Boca Raton was the best thing I ever did for my family. We can’t wait to see our names in the new walkway every time we return. What a great way to show our support for a local treasure. Thank you, Friends!
                                          – Darlene Rosa, Member of Friends of Gumbo Limbo

Buying a paver is an opportunity to honor the ones you love. You can honor your family, a loved one, an anniversary, a birthday, a pet, your favorite animal at the Center, a favorite fish, your years of Membership … or almost anyone or anything you treasure the most!

Once your paver is in place in the walkway, you, your family and friends can take pride in knowing that you personally helped preserve the environment and support the good work of Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.

Your purchase of a paver will support general funds for activities performed at Gumbo Limbo, for example:

  • Sea turtle nest monitoring and conservation
  • Nurturance of various stages of the butterfly lifecycle in the insectarium
  • Environmentally-based educational programming
  • Stranded sea turtle response teams
  • Maintenance of on-site marine ecosystems for sub-tropical fish

Friends of Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Our Mission is to support Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in its quest to increase public awareness of coastal and marine ecosystems through research, education, preservation, and conservation.


NOTE: A proof of your paver will be sent to the e-mail associated with the purchase so please review your e-mail for the proof. No response to the proof will be assumed as the proof is good as is and the order will be placed.