Rowling's Story

Rowling was rescued from the Riviera Beach City Marina by boaters after being found floating and lethargic. Rowling's carapace was covered in barnacles and there were fibropapilloma tumors present. After successful tumor removal surgeries, Rowling was released from North Palm Beach, FL.

A green sea turtle swimming in a rehabilitation tank.

Species: Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~5-8 yrs)

Location: Riviera Marina, FL
Concern: Fibropapillomatosis
Status: Released

Weight: 9.6 kg 21.2 lbs


2019-Jul-17 Released from Lakeside Park in North Palm Beach.
2019-Jul-02 Recovering well from surgery. Cleared for release.
2019-Jun-11 Underwent tumor removal surgery for eye tumors. Started on daily antibiotic medication to be applied to eyes.
2019-May-18 Regrowth monitored. Continue supportive care.
2019-Apr-30 Debrided surgery wounds.
2019-Apr-09 Changed medications under direction of veterinarian.
2019-Apr-02 Minor regrowth found on tissues.
2019-Mar-06 Recovering well. Actively swimming in water and eating.
2019-Mar-05 Underwent tumor removal surgery at the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society.
2019-Feb-15 Continue supportive care. Likely will need surgery.
2019-Feb-03 Recovered by boaters at the Riviera Beach City Marina and brought to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Freshwater bath to remove barnacles. Started on antibiotic medication.