Gumbo Limbo Nature Center on TV!

To celebrate Earth Day 2020, we were thrilled to announce that our efforts here at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center were mentioned in not one, but two documentaries that premiered on television on April 22nd and 23rd, 2020. We celebrated virtually with our friends and supporters by watching the national

At Home with Gumbo Limbo

New Program Registration Procedure

Play as a Tool for Discovery

Our job, as the Exhibits Team at Gumbo Limbo, is to communicate scientific research and information to our visitors.  However, as an instructor of mine once said: “No one reads scientific journals for fun!” It is our job to find ways to reduce and simplify often complex topics into bite-sized

How Much Sand Do Parrotfish Poop?

You may have overheard in our feeding presentation that parrotfish poop sand, but have you ever wondered how much sand they produce?  It turns out, a lot!  First, in case you haven’t heard our talk yet, parrotfish eat algae off rock surfaces.  When they do this, they ingest little bits of rock

'Tis the Season for Snowbirds

With winter nearing, snowbirds flock to Florida’s tropical climate to escape the frigid months ahead.  Birds and people alike are amongst those who migrate south in fall for the abundance of resources that the tropics has to offer, year-round. There are four common types of bird behaviors that

The 2019 Sea Turtle Nesting Season - A Very Busy Year!

This year, Boca Raton beaches saw a remarkably busy sea turtle nesting season in which two record highs were broken!  We recorded 392 green sea turtle nests this season compared to the previous record of 331 nests in 2013.  We also recorded 913 loggerhead nests and 18 leatherback nests.  The

Nesting Birds on Boca's Beach

Photo by Ben Hicks   This summer (2019) Boca Raton’s beaches were not only visited by tourists and nesting sea turtles, but a colony of least terns!  Many species of birds utilize our shoreline to feed, forage, or simply to rest during their migration north or south, but the discovery of