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Trees on Fire

  It’s flower season in Florida! Well, to be fair, it’s always flower season in Florida. You don’t get named the land of flowers if you don’t always have something in bloom. I digress…    It’s summer, its rainy, and one of the most flamboyant trees in the world is in full

Outdoor Introspection

As I hit the road for a ten-hour drive north, I said a temporary goodbye to the familiar Florida terrain. Palm trees turned into pine trees, and oranges into peaches. Rolling hills welcomed me with open arms. I would spend a week visiting with Florida’s upstairs neighbor- Georgia. The lush

Animal Crossing

  Have you ever heard of a fish called a “Barreleye?” No? Neither did I, at least not until I started playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Animal Crossing is a current video game for the Nintendo Switch. The goal for New Horizons is to design your island by planting trees and flowers and

Room With A View

Like many people, I have spent a lot of time telecommuting for work this year. This has led to an unanticipated benefit – getting to better know the wildlife in my own backyard! A common sight of many South Florida housing developments, my community contains a small manmade lake connected to

Wolf’s Milk Slime Mold

Y’all, wilderness is wild! One of the most fun parts of environmental studies is uncovering just how complex, and intricate every single little thing is. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to one of my newer discoveries: slime mold! So, I’ve heard of slime molds before. I am sure

Up Close and Personal with our Neighbors, the Florida's State Butterfly

  Passion flowers, with over 550 varieties, have some of the most unique flowers around and became especially popular during the Victorian Era. Most kinds of passion flowers can produce passion fruit popularly referred to as maracuja. The passion flower is also a host to many different

Mystery Nest

Mystery Nest One sunny day while rearranging my butterfly garden pots, I found what I thought to be a snake’s nest underneath one of the pots! There were 7 fairly large oval eggs, each about 1-2 inches long, next to about 7 inches of what looked like a snake’s tail! As the animal backed out a

Don't Mess with Mockingbirds

There is a large bougainvillea bush right at a fork in the pathway to my house. It has beautiful dark green foliage with purple flowers, and an abundance of long thorns. My son and I heard peeping one day and decided to investigate. We looked into the bush and found a bird’s nest with 2 or 3 baby

Why Bugs?

Growing up, the only bugs I liked were lady bugs. Lady bugs have a pretty good reputation among kids, they are small, don’t bite and their bright red wings make them visually pleasing and recognizable. Beyond lady bugs, I was not interested in coming across anything with six legs (or eight, but I’ll

Spark Your Heart

People know me as an avid nature lover and outdoorsmen. I look the part too; beard, flannel, and nature stickers covering my Nalgene bottle and laptop. My countless outdoor adventure stories further cement my status as the tree hugging nature dude. So here’s the kicker, I went on my first