Time for a Green New Year!

It's that time of year again! That's right, it's resolution season. The time to admit we have faults and make some form of public declaration that we intend to address them. Well, what if this year it’s not our personal faults we work against, but society's... ooh, meta...

As we at Gumbo Limbo work through the tangled web of promoting a sustainable lifestyle, it has become increasing important to remind everyone (including ourselves) that no one is or can be perfect. There is no one answer, but rather a calling for us all to do something.

So, this year, what if we each choose one small thing that we can do to make a greener and cleaner future for us all? The beauty of it all is that many of these green resolutions can easily fit into your own personal goals:

  • Planning to work out more in 2021? Resolve to drive less and commit to bicycling to work a one day a week.
  • Want to eat healthier? Try committing to eating vegetarian or vegan one day a week, Meatless Mondays!
  • Is your plan to save more money next year? Start a small native plant garden. It will provide a free source of entertainment and you can give out plants as gifts for the year!

Some of these resolutions may sound small, and that is because they are! We cannot change the world individually, but if we all commit to making small incremental changes on a wider scale, we can build a cleaner, greener, healthier, and more vibrant future!

Be sure to check out the Office of Sustainability's page for more tips and tune in again next week when we talk about ways to make your resolution stick!

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