Sustainable Christmas Tree Takedown

Give your tree a second chance...recycle! Boca Raton Florida/

Now that the holiday season is complete its time to clean up, but what to do with your tree? 

If you opted for a plastic tree this season, it is important the tree continues to be used for years to come to offset its carbon footprint. If you do not wish to use it another year, consider donating it for another family's use.

If you purchased a real tree this year, you could have it recycled as mulch! The City offers a mulching program and will use the fragrant pine mulch throughout the City's Parks. Holiday Tree Recycling | Boca Raton, FL ( 

If you have a living tree this year and it is a native or Florida Friendly species with roots still intact ( you can plant it for continued carbon offsets and maximum sustainability. You could even take down the traditional Christmas tree for good and start a tradition of planting a new tree!


Watch for tree give away opportunities from the City of Boca Raton here:

Also, you could dedicate a tree to be planted in the community with the local non-profit, Community Greening. Check out their website for more information about tree dedications: Dedicate A Tree Today For A Loved One | Community Greening.


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