Sustainable Gift Giving

During the season of gift giving there are many sustainability challenges we face. There is one million extra tons of garbage waste produced each week over the holiday season! 

It is more important than ever to find gifts which are not only low impact on the environment but also useful for the receiver. Gumbo Limbo’s Gift Shop offers some great sustainable gift options and are currently offering a special Thanksgiving-25% off discount!!

Often times we resort to disposable plastic containers, cups and straws while eating out or on the go. However, it is much better to be self-sufficient rather than relying on these unsustainable items offered at restaurants. The Gift Shop has solutions for being self-sufficient while eating out!

Between the reusable straws (metal and silicon options!), travel cutlery sets, food coverscollapsible water bottles and traveling cutlery, the Gumbo Limbo Gift Shop has you covered!

Most people already have their own set of shopping bags these days, but not as unique and cute as this hand painted shopper tote! Unfortunatelywe still see people using plastic produce bags all the time! It’s about time we started using our own produce bags and become a self-sufficient, eco conscious shopper! Be sure to check out these 100% organic cotton produce bags and these tie-dye produce bags that the gift shop is offering! 

Reducing food waste is another worthwhile effort to reduce your environmental impact, so here are food savers to help! 

Other great sustainable gifts include these eco-friendly bathtub pals, all-natural bug spray and bug bit soothing balm. 

With these great gift options, be sure to wrap them sustainably! Check out the Office Of Sustainability’s Blog for Sustainable Wrapping Ideas! 

Happy and sustainable shopping!

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