Bringing Nature Indoors

I had never really thought of indoor plants as much more than just for decoration. I have since learned there is much more than what just meets the eye.

Our inhale is possible only through the product of plant photosynthesis. Reciprocally, our exhale is what plants need to carry out this breath-giving reaction. We are connected in a loop of co-existence.

I think that growing up in an urban or even suburban environment inherently creates a distance between ourselves and nature. We live in our own “bubble” of sorts, in a house which creates this great illusion of separation between our indoor and outdoor world. The distinction is deepened through our use of blinds, air conditioning and lighting. Our world no longer is dependent on the rising and setting of the sun or the weather outside. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting we do away with these things, just that it is good to recognize what separates us from nature in order to find ways to bring ourselves closer to nature.

If you think about it, bringing more nature indoors is similar to how animals in captivity are ideally located in a safe space which best mimics their natural habitat. Despite having domesticated ourselves through luxurious indoor lifestyles, our natural habitat is still that of the outdoors. A great way to help our indoor homes better resemble a natural space is to bring in indoor plants. Even the green color of the plants I find so soothing.

There are some cultures who speak about energetic benefits of having certain plants in specific places thorough your home, such as in various Indian cultures and Chinese Feng Shui. You can even have a miniature indoor Zen garden with small succulent plants. There are also many useful plants with medicinal properties, such as aloe. A lot of plants are edible as well! Have fun exploring what plants you can have in your home and all the benefits it brings you.

Photo Credit: Fiona Campbell

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