In Loving Memory of Kirby

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that our beloved porcupinefish, Kirby, passed away on Sunday Feb 26 after a brief illness. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially for our animal ambassadors. Kirby arrived at Gumbo Limbo in December of 2017 and instantly became a favorite with her inquisitive nature. She continued to grow in size and popularity and gained a bit of a celebrity following in 2019 when our aquarist and sea turtle rehab teams collaborated on a successful surgery to remove a fishing hook from her intestines. After a full recovery, Kirby was a cherished member of our coral reef exhibit educating and entertaining hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Kirby will be dearly missed. 
Our thoughts are with our aquarium team and volunteers who so lovingly cared for Kirby during her 5+ years at Gumbo Limbo.
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