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Home for Two Special Residents

Under a permit from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Gumbo Limbo’s saltwater aquariums are home to two very special sea turtle residents available for adoption. While past injuries leave these animals unable to return to the wild, they serve as champions of conservation and ambassadors for all species of the sea.

By adopting a resident animal, you support the care for ALL of our patients and residents.

Your adoption donation DIRECTLY funds our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation facility, providing critical medication, tank maintenance, food, and veterinary care.

Current Residents


Morgan is a female sub-adult green sea turtle admitted into our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility on October 12, 2014. Morgan was found floating in Intracoastal waters in Stuart, Florida, sustaining injuries from a boat strike. This left Morgan with permanent partial paralysis of her rear flippers and buoyancy issues, limiting her ability to dive for food or shelter. These injuries will require her to live out the rest of her life under human care. Morgan will remain at Gumbo Limbo as long as our aquariums can provide her with a suitable home.


Cane is a sub-adult loggerhead sea turtle admitted to our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation facility on March 20, 2017. Cane was found floating in the Intracoastal waters near the St. Lucie Inlet by local fishermen who noticed it was in distress. It immediately became apparent that Cane had suffered multiple injuries from a predator, most likely a shark. With significant portions of the front flippers missing, small portions of the rear flippers damaged, and an injury to the right eye, Cane would not be able to survive in the ocean. Cane will remain at Gumbo Limbo as long as our aquariums can provide a suitable home.

Your Support Matters

Here is a brief look at some common costs for sea turtle conservation.
Every dollar makes a big difference towards survival of these endangered sea turtle species.

$1 Feeds a hatchling for a day.
$5 Feeds a small turtle for a day.
$10 Feeds a large turtle for a day.
$25 Provides medication for a small turtle for a day.
$50 Provides medications for a large turtle for a day.
$100 Provides diagnostic testing for 1 turtle.
$250 Fibropapilloma tumor removal surgery.
$500 Care for a typical patient for its entire stay.

Adoption Perks

Upon your adoption of a resident animal, you’ll receive the following:

  • An adoption certificate for the resident of your choice
  • A letter from the adopted resident telling their story
  • Fun electronic follow ups
  • Packet of various sizes depending on the level
  • Option for a video cameo with a personalized messaging in front of the resident tank

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and delivery of your adoption packet.

Disclaimer: Please note that this adoption is symbolic, and in no way implies ownership or handling of an animal.

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