Boardwalk Trail

Enjoy our boardwalk through a preserved Tropical Hardwood Hammock - a rare opportunity to visit an ecosystem which once flourished throughout Florida.  Our Hardwood Hammock shows what Florida looked like before modern development and industrialization.  You can see various flora such as gumbo limbo, strangler fig, and cabbage palm (Florida's state tree).  If you're quiet and look carefully, you may also see animals like grey foxes, red-bellied woodpeckers, and five-lined skinks.

Our Hardwood Hammock also features 2000 year-old Glades Culture middens, a trash receptacle of Florida's indigenous population.

You can follow the boardwalk to Red Reef West Park where picnicking is permitted (we do not allow picnicking on our grounds to protect our wildlife).  Overflow, metered parking is also available at Red Reef West.

boardwalk through forest

ancient middens, shell pile