At Home with Gumbo Limbo

At Gumbo Limbo we love our sea turtles, but we also love other animals just as much.  Gumbo Limbo education team has created fun and educational activities for your kids and the family to do together in your own backyard and home.


Coral Reef

We love to learn about the different habitats in and around Florida. First up: Coral Reef Habitats!


Here at Gumbo Limbo, we love all the beautiful fish that live in our ocean! Did you know you can learn more about the fish right here in South Florida every Friday for #FishFriday on our social channels? In the meantime, here are some fun and educational activities about fish to do at home!


How does your garden grow? Don’t have a garden? That’s okay; you can still learn all about plants! When it comes to plants, there are so many colors, shapes, and sizes. If you don’t have a favorite plant now, you will after these fun activities.

Storytime Flower

Life Cycles


There have been many sightings of wild furry animals roaming neighborhoods as people are sheltering in place. Have you spotted any of these animals in your area: Foxes, coyotes, or skunks?

Circle the Mammals Activity



There is a pretty busy world going on at the micro-level. Take an opportunity to look a little closer at the mini beasts that roam your yard and look for the beautiful bugs that call your neighborhood home!

Insect Matching Activity












Right now is a great time to listen to the many bird songs that are floating through your neighborhood. How many different birds can you spot? How many different bird songs do you hear?













How many reptiles can you name that are right in your own yard?