Adopt A Sea Turtle (Resident)

By adopting a resident sea turtle from Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, you directly support the care, life support system, medical & veterinary needs, and feeding of our resident turtles and rehabilitation patients. In addition, your participation in this program allows Gumbo Limbo to continue on-going conservation programs and research efforts on Boca Raton’s sea turtle nesting beaches to ensure these endangered reptiles continue to thrive in our oceans.

Gumbo Limbo’s resident sea turtle, Morgan plays a vital role in the Center’s Mission to educate the public on our local wildlife and mankind’s role in conservation. 


Sea Turtles at Gumbo Limbo

Under a permit from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Gumbo Limbo’s saltwater aquariums are home to a resident sea turtle. We have one non-releasable green turtle named  Morgan. Our resident turtles serve as ambassadors for all sea turtle species.

Our turtles, rehab patient or resident alike, receive species-specific diets tailored to their growth and health needs. Our turtles eat predominantly seafood and fresh green vegetables, which can be quite expensive. We also need to provide emergency, preventative, and expert veterinary care to all patients. Your sea turtle adoption goes DIRECTLY to support the funding of the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility, providing critical medication, tank maintenance, food and veterinary care.


We would like to share some of the costs at the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility:

$1 Feeds a hatchling for a day.
$5 Feeds a small turtle for a day. 
$10 Feeds a large turtle for a day.
$25 Provides medication for a small turtle for a day.
$50 Provides medications for a large turtle for a day. 
$100 Provides diagnostic testing for 1 turtle. 
$250 Fibropapilloma tumor removal surgery.
$500 Care for a typical patient for its entire stay.

And more. Unfortunately, there are expensive, but necessary, pieces of surgical and medical equipment that our staff needs to help take care of sea turtles and return them to health.

What do YOU get?

  • An adoption certificate for the turtle of your choice.
  • A letter from the adopted sea turtle telling their story.
  • A photo of the sea turtle you adopted.
  • High-quality informational guide on sea turtle conservation and research.
  • Receipt of donation (for tax purposes).
  • Unique magnetic decal to show your support for Gumbo Limbo
  • Small turtle plush toy to represent your adoption of an endangered sea turtle.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and delivery of your adoption packet. 

Disclaimer: Please note that this adoption is symbolic, and in no way implies ownership or handling of a turtle.


Adoption Options

Resident Turtles

By adopting a resident sea turtle, you support the care and feeding of  Morgan and help fund our conservation and research that Gumbo Limbo implements out to protect and restore our sea turtle population.




Morgan is a female juvenile green sea turtle admitted into our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility on October 12, 2014. Morgan was found floating near the 707 Bridge in Stuart, Florida, sustaining injuries indicating a boat strike. The boat strike left Morgan with permanent paralysis of her rear flippers and buoyancy, keeping her from being able to dive for food or shelter. These injuries will require her to live out the rest of her life under human care. Morgan will remain at Gumbo Limbo for the time being until the Florida Wildlife Commission and Gumbo Limbo can find a permanent home for her.


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