Satellite Tracking Sea Turtles at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

What is satellite tracking?

Why do we do it?

How do we attach satellite tags?

How long to the tags stay on?

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The turtles listed below have been fitted with satellite tags and released!  These turtles were either patients in Gumbo Limbo's Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility, or they were educational turtles that were released.  Click on each name to see where the turtles are now!

KRAKEN - released January 23, 2018


Previously tagged turtles with tags that are no longer transmitting:

BLITZEN - released June 29, 2017

PEANUT - released December 6, 2016

FIVE-OH - released March 9, 2017

NEPTUNE - released August 3, 2015
Click here for Neptune's Photo Album!

BETTY WHITE - released March 20, 2015
Click here for Betty White's Photo Album!

DULCE - released February 20, 2015

SQUIDLY - released January 29, 2015

BILLY - released September 25, 2014

PHOENIX - released June 12, 2014