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'Scent of Scandal' no garden-variety tale

'Scent of Scandal' no garden-variety tale

By Doreen Christensen, Sordid stories about illegal smuggling and the resulting felony charges are as common as cloudless skies in the Sunshine State. But this bizarre tale is not about drugs. It's about orchids. Craig Pittman, author of "The Scent of Scandal" ($24.95,

Hurricane Sandy Erosion Will Impact Florida's Sea Turtle Nesting Season

South Florida's beaches in late spring through much of the fall resemble something of a crime scene, or rather, dozens of miniature crime scenes. Brightly colored caution tape and wooden stakes can be found scattered throughout the sand, sectioning off areas where sea turtles have left the water to

Injured turtle released off the coast of Boca Raton

Two months of hard work paid off Thursday afternoon when a green turtle was released back into the wild off the Boca Raton coast. The turtle named Soluna, made her way back into the water. In September, Soluna was found tangled up in a fishing line by snorklers. She was taken to Gumbo Limbo

So long Soluna: Restored to health, green turtle gets send-off

Touching beach and ocean waves for the first time in 81 days Thursday, the patient seemed to recoil from the water when the first swell hit her, inching west instead of east.

LOVING CARE Injured turtle returns to the sea

Giving the turtle a name was easy. Giving her back to the sea took months. On July 28, a loggerhead turtle arrived at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center without a name, without a left flipper, without much chance of surviving. Two fishermen had brought her to the city marina in Pompano Beach that

Loggerhead Cindy recovers swimmingly; set free

Loggerhead Cindy recovers swimmingly; set free

One hundred and four days after she was found off the coast of Pompano Beach maimed and bleeding, loggerhead sea turtle Cindy returned to the sea Thursday. More than 500 area residents showed up at Red Reef Park to give the threatened creature a send-off — Gumbo Limbo Nature Center's first local

Turtles deposit eggs in record numbers, with a little help from their human friends

Ready for some good news? Who isn’t? For sea turtles in South Florida, 2012 was a year worth flipping over. Often in record numbers, leatherbacks, loggerheads and greens emerged from the Atlantic to deposit their eggs on these shores, where they were born decades ago.

Nose-to-nose: Nature center invites public in for patient encounters

BOCA RATON The turtle rehabilitation center at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is powering up to full strength – and the public can now take a peek. The nature center has opened its facilities so visitors can come nose-to-nose with some of the patients, like loggerhead Cindy, whose recovery from last

Sea turtle hatchlings ride the waves in Boca

Sea turtle hatchlings ride the waves in Boca

It wasn't a tropical storm yet, so 100 baby turtle hatchlings got a proper Boca Raton sendoff in the surf. At 9:30 p.m., a caravan of cars followed a white city van from Gumbo Nature Center on A1A across the street to Red Reef Park. A small group high-tailed it in the dark to the edge of the

Back in Business: Gumbo Limbo resumes sea turtle rescue, thanks to new tanks, recertification

On Saturday, July 28, Ryan Butts and his wife, Kristen, were looking forward to a quiet evening at Big City Tavern on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. He ordered the seared sea scallops. She had the rigatoni with chicken, Roma and sun-dried tomatoes. Just a relaxing night out with