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You Are Invited To A Sea Turtle Release

Turf, a sub adult loggerhead turtle, was found in the intake canal of the St. Lucie Power Plant this past May.  When Turf arrived at Gumbo Limbo, her prognosis was grim.  Weighing only 68 pounds, she was 30-40 pounds underweight.  Rehab staff knew that the chances of this turtle surviving were

Fish Tank Kings Episode Features Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Fish Tank Kings Episode Features Gumbo Limbo Nature Center “Big Bowl of Gumbo Limbo” concludes the Fill the Tanks Project with a signature coral installation by Living Color (Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, Boca Raton, Florida)  The cast of Living Color, an aquarium builder in Fort Lauderdale,

Updated: Turtle Walk Tickets Available

Did you know that last year we had RECORD HIGH loggerhead nesting in Boca Raton?  This equated to a nesting loggerhead turtle being seen during 75% of our TURTLE WALK PROGRAMS!  Our Turtle Walk Programs include an ecology walk on the beach, so even if we aren’t able to see a nesting turtle, we do

Big Bowl of Gumbo Limbo: June 8

Gumbo Limbo featured in an episode of Fish Tank Kings! The team has been commissioned to revive a showcase aquarium . They must create a seascape that mirrors a sea turtle's natural habitat. However, the tank's marine life, including sharks and stingrays cannot be removed from the premises,

Surprise nesting leatherback seen during a stormy afternoon

For almost forty years, Boca Raton’s Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Program has monitored sea turtle nesting activity on Boca Raton beaches.  While the majority of sea turtles nest at night, occasionally a sea turtle will come ashore during daylight hours to lay her eggs.  On Thursday (May

Green Turtles Patients Released

After spending several months at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center (GLNC), two young Green sea turtles were released back to their home in the ocean after receiving medical care and rehabilitation at GLNC’s Sea Turtle Rescue Facility.  Shannon and Max both turtles suffered from severe cases of a

Celebrating Our Volunteers

  This week, April 21-27, 2013, is National Volunteer Week so at Gumbo Limbo, we are celebrating our Wonderful Volunteers! They truly are Our Greatest Natural Resource!  

Sea Turtle Rehab Review

Over the last 9 months, the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility (STRF) at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center has maintained a full house of sick and injured sea turtle patients.  Thirty-five turtles have been admitted to the facility, many with multiple and severe injuries.  Often visitors ask questions

April 17 Lecture-Migration: Animals On the Move

Eco-Watch Lecture Series: Get On The Environmental Cutting Edge   January 23:   Kate Mansfield, PhD, Florida International University FOUND: the Sea Turtle Lost Years February 6:   Eric Vandernoot, Florida Atlantic University Light Pollution February 20:   Katherine “Kate”

Boca's FIRST Sea Turtle Nest of 2013!

Boca's FIRST Sea Turtle Nest of 2013!

The first nest of the season (in Boca Raton), a leatherback nest, was discovered on Sunday moring (April 7) by our Marine Turtle Specialists.     Nest "Dc 1" was laid in South Beach Park.