Thank You Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists!

Recently, three endangered green sea turtle patients from Gumbo Limbo Nature Center (GLNC) received some very specialized care thanks to the Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists (PBVS).  Lexi, Carr, and Smee were rescued from different locations in Florida, and brought to GLNC’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility. 



Suffering from severe injuries including a boat strike, fishing gear ingestion, and fibropapilloma tumors, the young sea turtles have been recovering from their injuries at the center over the last few months.  After learning of the turtle’s misfortune, Dr. Robert Roy, Director of Medicine and Surgery for PBVS, generously offered CT scans for the turtles.  Recently, each turtle received complimentary CT scans to help in their diagnosis and treatment.  The CT scan was a quick, non-invasive procedure that enabled GLNC medical staff to better determine the best course of treatment for each of the turtles. 

Unfortunately, “Carr’s” results determined that his injuries were too severe to be released back into the wild.  The results of the CT scans resulted in much more positive prognoses for the other two turtles; it was concluded that with proper treatment and diet, “Lexi” and “Smee” will have no problem being released back to the wild.  Thank you so much, Dr. Roy and PBVS, for your generous support with our endangered sea turtle patients!