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After Hurricane Irma hit Florida on September 11th, 2017, immediate attention was needed for thousands of sea turtle babies that had been washed back from the ocean onto the beaches. Due to the tidal surges and strong waves, it becomes very difficult for the baby turtles to get into deeper water. Irma hit during a high point of sea turtle nesting season, leaving many baby turtles at risk of dying on the beaches.

Volunteers and staff of Gumbo Limbo and other partner organizations throughout Florida, combed the beaches and dunes to find these little sea turtles, and then had to figure out a way to get them to the safety of the sargassum  "weedline" several miles off shore. The weedline is where these babies spend their earliest years, and it's vitally important for them to get there. The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center answered the call when the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission delivered over 2,500 baby sea turtles to Gumbo Limbo, because they knew we were prepared to transport these babies out to the weedline for a chance to survive.

While power was still out across Florida, and debris covered streetways, Gumbo Limbo was able to deliver all of the baby sea turtles to the sargassum weedline. Gumbo Limbo was equipped to take on sudden challenges like this because of our amazing supporters, and through convenient programs like AmazonSmile, it's never been easier to give back. During this holiday season, if you can't find what you're looking for in our gift store, please consider using AmazonSmile at and keep the #SeasonOfSmiles going. When you buy your holiday gifts through AmazonSmile, a portion of every purchase you make is donated back to Friends of Gumbo Limbo, to help support programs such as the Gumbo Limbo Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility -- providing food, medicine, and veterinary care these endangered animals need while in our care.