The Turtle Movie is Here!

Turtle: The Incredible Journey is the critically-praised, award-winning film from director Nick Stringer ("National Geographic Explorer") that has enchanted and enthralled audiences worldwide. This is a spectacular adventure of one loggerhead turtle's journey from a young hatchling emerging from her nest in the sand, to a 25 year old adult returning to the same beach to hatch her own young. It's a remarkable story about a harrowing trek around the globe of this threatened species and an amazing odyssey you won't want to miss!

Originally called the Turtle Song, Turtle: the Incredible Journey was filmed, in part at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in 2007/2008.  FeeBee, one of Gumbo Limbo's former residents, was used in the filming. FeeBee hatched from a nest in Spanish River Park in 2008. She was part of Florida Atlantic University's (FAU) research program to determine the gender of hatchling sea turtles (that is how we know FeeBee is a girl). FeeBee was released into the ocean in November 2008 with a satellite transmitter. Her tag is no longer active, but her track can still be viewed online. FAU's sea turtle biologist Jeanette Wyneken PhD served as scientific advisor to the film.

The film has just been released on DVD and Blu-ray, and is available for sale in Gumbo Limbo's Gift Shop. The DVD is $14.95, and the Blu-ray ($24.95) is coming soon.  The Gumbo Limbo Gift Shop will take phone orders (561-416-1820) for the movie after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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